Semi-Rural Garden Front and Back

We completed a site survey and design that added a much needed structure to the large garden.


Semi-Rural Garden – Before

The plan included:

  • an area for raised beds.
  • a new pathway through the central lawn.
  • a corner relaxation area around a landscaped patio – incorporating a summer house.

Our for redevelopment of the Garden

The garden received three large raised sleeper beds. We planted these with new and eye-catching growth that fitted in with the rural nature of the garden space.

The existing borders were re-defined to make the lawn more distinct.

We created new border areas for extra growth, which we filled with plants from the front garden.

A shady paved area was re-developed by:

  • dismantling a shed and placing a brindle block and shingle feature around it.
  • installing a ‘bespoke’ fence to section it off from a walled backdrop
  • Painting the wall a dark brown colour to give it less visibility.

The new pathway from the front of the patio area to the far corner space has made the garden much more accessible.


Semi-Rural Garden – After

This country style garden can now be enjoyed in both summer and throughout the colder months. Furthermore with the variety of evergreen plants and small trees in raised beds and borders, the garden has the potential to become a mature and interesting space.


Semi-Rural Garden – After

Being exposed to the elements the small front garden was given a new gravelled area, plus a new front wall to make it more distinct. With carefully selected planting, including buxus spheres, grasses and spring bulbs we have created a low maintenance but visually interesting front garden.


Semi-Rural Garden – After